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Privacy Policy

Last revised: June 11, 2018 respects your privacy and wants you to understand how we collect, analyze, use, share and strive to keep your data secure. Information you provide during registration, such as your email address, will be used to contact you regarding our Services or your account. We use an automated and coded email system to alert you of new messages from Members on our website and you will receive an email from with a link to the message.

When you use our Services, certain information is automatically acquired and stored. For security purposes as well as for basic mobile and website functions, such as logging in, adding items to your shopping cart, checking out and serving more relevant advertising based on demographics, preferences and regions, as well as to provide you with better experiences when using our Services, cookies and corresponding technologies obtain and verify your location, language settings, browser type and version, operating system, platform and other identifying information, such as your IP address and unique device identifiers. Some information, such as how many people visit a particular page, how they interact with our Services and your search queries and demographics are compiled as statistical data to determine how we might provide better options and improve those Services for you based on this statistical information.

To reiterate, in order to operate certain aspects of our Services, such as logging in, checkout and shopping cart storage, and for you to receive customized information, cookies need to remain on your browser. Otherwise, if you would be interrupted when purchasing, for example, and would want to return later, cart items chosen previously would be lost. When cookies provide information regarding items you and other shoppers have frequently chosen, or your preferred purchases, we are able to provide better options and improve our Services for you. Unusual activity may be helpful in alerting us to fraud as well, allowing for further protection of your account, and privacy.
We do not sell your personal information to others and minimize parties having access to your information, whenever possible. While we intentionally limit availability of your personal information to others, legal requests to provide information about you that is through subpoena or court order or requested by law enforcement agencies to investigate possible illegal actions may be provided by does not warrant absolute security at all times and in all instances.

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